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Shutter: Way of the World (Image Comics, 2014; #7-12)

I love this weird book.

  • Kris’s family troubles continue and she gets pulled a bunch of different directions and has to decide who she wants to be.  
  • The idea’s simple, but the execution’s bonkers.
  • In fact, I didn’t think it could get more bonkers after the first trade, and it somehow did.
  • Joe Keatinge starts to really dig into the family history that he has built here, and it’s gigantic—the world’s weirdness isn’t going to drive Shutter anywhere near as much as Kris’s family’s weirdness will.
  • Leila Del Duca and Owen Gieni are on some next-level stuff with this book’s art—the way they break down the artistic process as reality warps is super cool.

You have to start at the beginning, but Shutter is insane (in the best ways!) and beautifully drawn and colored. And it has some great character and relationship work.

Collected in

  • Shutter, Vol. 2: Way of the World (#7-12)


Writer: Joe Keatinge | Artist: Leila Del Duca | Colorist: Owen Gieni | Letterer: John Workman

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