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Rat Queens: Demons (Image Comics, 2013; #11-15)

And with this, I am caught up on Rat Queens trades…at least, until the new run’s first trade comes out.

  • In explaining why he put Rat Queens on hiatus and soft-rebooted it with a new #1, Wiebe chalked it up to wanting to get away from the dark, hopeless tone he felt he had wound up in.  Even knowing this, I underestimated how dark this arc gets.
  • That’s not to say it’s bad—I enjoyed it a lot; but it does stray pretty far from the funny, upbeat tone the book started with.
  • A deep dive into character history and backstory earns that tone and keeps it from feeling shocking or gratuitous.
  • Tess Fowler and Tamra Bonvillain’s pages also help keep the book looking light, which offsets the seriousness and trauma that Wiebe gets into in “Demons”.

I think the decision to make some breathing room after this arc of Rat Queens is a smart one, but don’t skip it.  A tonal departure it may be; but it gets into specific, foundational character information that makes it an engaging read.

Collected in

  • Rat Queens, Vol. 3: Demons (#11-15, Rat Queens Special: Braga #1)


Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe | Artist: Tess Fowler | Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain | Letterer: Ed Brisson | Covers: Stjepan Sejic | Editor: Laura Tavishati

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