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Ms. Marvel: Crushed (Marvel Comics, 2014; #12-15, Annual #1)

Ms. Marvel remains one of the best series Marvel publishes.

  • The book’s greatest strength lies in G. Willow Wilson’s focus on character and world-building; Kamala’s story is engaging because of the specific ways it focuses on her family, friends, and religious expectations.
  • This arc sees Kamala going through being the object of someone’s crush and having her own crush for the first time.
  • In her world, that means rebellion; this arc’s strongest moments—which are some of the best in the series to-date—come when she sees the consequences of testing different limits.
  • Also, Loki the Hipster Viking is a fun change of pace.
  • Bondoc and Miyazawa provide line-work in lieu of regular series artist Adrian Alphona; their work is a perfect fit for the book though(and it’s cool to see Miyazawa tag in for Alphona after their shared tenure on Runaways).
  • Herring and Kniivila’s colors not only look great but provide some visual consistency even with the change in pencillers.

If you haven’t checked out Ms. Marvel, you’re missing out.  It’s easy to find in trade, so start at the beginning and give it a shot.

Collected in

  • Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3: Crushed (#12-15, Annual #1)
  • Ms. Marvel, Book 2 (#12-19; S.H.I.E.L.D. 2, material from Amazing Spider-Man #7-8)


Writer: G. Willow Wilson | Artists: Elmo Bondoc (12), Takeshi Miyazawa (13-15) | Colorists: Ian Herring with Irma Kniivila (13) | Letterer: Joe Caramagna | Covers: Kris Anka (12, 15), Marguerite Sauvage (13), Jake Wyatt (14) | Assistant Editors: Charles Beacham, Devlin Lewis | Editor Sana Amanat

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