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The Fix: Laws, Paws & Flaws (Image Comics, 2016; #5-8)

Everyone’s favorite terrible cops are back, and things are getting out of hand….

  • Roy’s dead actress troubles continue as everyone questions whether he killed her.
  • C’mon, what’s the likelihood he actually had something to do with…oh, wait, maybe there’s something to that idea.
  • Meanwhile, Mac and Pretzel are TSA Heroes; so Mac’s in over his head.
  • This arc leans hard into the darker side of being dark comedy; there are still laughs to be had, but some of them are cringe-inducing and uncomfortable.
  • Steve Leiber and Ryan Hill’s art remains expressive and fluid, with some really dingy, gross detail work when needed.

The Fix is still a good, good book.  It dances back and forth on the line between laugh-out-loud funny and uncomfortable snickering.  If you liked the first arc, odds are you’ll continue to enjoy the book.

Collected in

  • The Fix, Vol. 2: Laws, Paws & Flaws (#5-8)


Writer: Nick Spencer | Artist: Steve Lieber | Colorist: Ryan Hill | Letterer/Designer: Ironbark

The Authority: Outer Dark (Wildstorm, 1999; #9-12)

Deadpool: Dead Presidents (Marvel Comics, 2012; #1-6)