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Batgirl: “Family Business” (DC Comics, 2011; #41-45, Annual #3)

It’s time to return Gotham City.  This time, we check in on the Batgirl of Burnside.

  • This trade includes multiple short arcs, which interconnect and lead to a reunion between Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson  (who is less dead than she believed).
  • The highlights are a visit to Gotham Academy (complete with art by Mingjue Helen Chen) a team-up between Babs and her father, Batman.
  • I like this structure a lot:  shorter arcs give more opportunity to see Barbara fighting different kinds of foes in different ways.
  • Stewart and Fletcher do a good job of keeping Batgirl’s tone effervescent with sincere moments mixed in.
  • There’s a big ol’ art team on this book—mostly because of the Annual; it looks good, though, and when things shift, it makes sense tonally.

Did you read the first volume of Stewart, Fletcher, and Tarr’s Batgirl and enjoy it?  Then pick this one up.

Collected in

  • Batgirl, Vol. 2: Family Business (#41-45, Annual #3)


Writers: Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher | Artists: Babs Tar, Bengal, Joel Gomez, Jake Wyatt, Michel Lacombe, David Lafuente, Ming Doyle, Mingjue Helen Chen, Juan Castro | Colorists: Serge Lapointe, Babs Tarr, Bengal, Gabe Eltaeb, Ivan Plascencia, Mingjue Helen Chen | Letterer: Steve Wands

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