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Nailbiter: “Blood Lust” (Image Comics, 2014; #16-20)

After reading through this week’s gigantic stack of new comics, I wanted something to cleanse the palate.  Somehow, that meant more of Nailbiter's serial killer mystery.

  • Finch and Barker go down to Georgia to hunt the Devil Killer, and they meet Buckaroo native Daniel Webster.
  • Meanwhile, Sheriff Crane does some investigating on her own.
  • More clues are coming into the foreground, but the answers aren’t out there yet.
  • Williamson is more playful in his suspense in this arc, giving the reader a relative quiet before the inevitable storm.
  • The same goes for Henderson and Guzowski’s pages, especially when they get to play with more paranormal elements than normal
  • This is one of my favorite suspense/horror/mystery-type books at this point.  If you like those things, you should check it out.

Collected in

  • Nailbiter, Vol. 4: Blood Lust (#16-20)


Writer: Joshua Williamson | Artist: Mike Henderson | Colorist: Adam Guzowski | Letterer & Designer: John J. Hill | Editor: Rob Levin

Hellboy: “Seed of Destruction” (Image Comics, 1994; #1-4)

Vengeance of the Moon Knight: “Shock and Awe” (Marvel Comics, 2009; #1-6)