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DC Comics Bombshells: “Combat” (DC Comics, 2015; Digital Chapters 1-9, Print #4-6)

Today’s entry is another follow-up.  I suspect that the further we get into the year, the more of these will pop up.  This time, it’s DC Comics Bombshells’s second arc, “Combat.”

  • “Combat” moves out of the introduction phase and starts bringing groups of characters together.
  • The undead Nazi threat starts to creep out from the shadows.
  • The dynamic between Batwoman, Catwoman, and Lex Luthor is delightfully weird.
  • Bunny Constantine!
  • There are some cool things in this arc’s art, including use of propaganda image in the Stargirl/Supergirl pages to visualize their role in the Russian military.
  • This is a fun book starring mostly women characters, made mostly by women creators, that’s worth checking out if you like Otherworlds-style stories.

Collected in

  • DC Comics Bombshells, Vol. 1: Enlisted (#1-6)


Writer: Marguerite Bennett | Artists: Bilquis Evely, Mirka Andolfo, Laura Braga, Ming Doyle, Sandy Jarrell, M.L. Sanapo, Marc Deering | Colorists: Wendy Broome, Doug Garbark, Kelly Fitzpatrick | Letterer: Wes Abbott

How to Talk to Girls at Parties (Dark Horse Comics, 2016; OGN)

Captain America: Steve Rogers: “The Trial of Maria Hill” (DC Comics, 2016; #7-11)