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Gotham Academy: “Calamity” (DC Comics, 2014; #7-12)

It's been a little while since we checked in on the kids of Gotham Academy. Let's see how they're doing.

  • Bad news for Olive shakes up the status quo and leads the group to investigate her family history.
  • Maps makes a new friend named Damian Wayne.  There's something mysterious about him.
  • Cloonan and Fletcher keep lighter, humorous moments in the mix to contrast the more serious plot points that drive the arc.
  • Kerschl, Chen, Msassyk, and LaPointe’s art is just as stylish and fun as the first volume.
  • If you enjoyed the first trade (and I did), the second won't disappoint.

Collected in

  • Gotham Academy, Vol. 2: Calamity (#7-12)


Writers: Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher | Artists: Karl Kerschl, Mingjue Helen Chen, Msassyk | Colorists: Serge LaPointe, Msassyk, Mingjue Helen Chen | Letterers: Steve Wands, Marilyn Patrizio | Covers: Karl Kerschl, Becky Cloonan

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