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Green Arrow: “Island of Scars” (DC Comics, 2012; #6-11)

It’s time to check back in with DC’s Green Arrow ongoing.  If you want to brush up on what I thought of its first collection, go right ahead.

Overall, I really dug the second trade:

  • We get two issues each of Emiko being awesome, Ollie and Dinah on an island relaxing and punching people together, and the two of them and Diggle fighting an assassin on a train.
  • Snarky, politically conscious Oliver is my favorite Oliver.  I am glad to see his return.
  • The Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship dynamic has settled into being less antagonist and more productive.
  • There’s a trick arrow appearance!
  • The the art is bright and stylized.  Even though each of the three arcs has a different artist with a distinct style, their work don’t seem out of place next to each other.
  • The individual mini-arcs let each artist play well to his skills.

Collected in

  • Green Arrow, Vol. 2: Island of Scars (#6-11)


Writer: Benjamin Percy | Artists: Stephen Byrne, Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreyra | Letterer: Nate Piekos of Blambot


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