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WE3 (Vertigo, 2006; #1-3)

Get your tissues ready.

This is a book about animals that have been experimented on by the Air Force. Instead of decommissioning them, their creator sets them free. They decide to go home—only they don’t know what this means, except that it smells good and is warm and safe. And the Air Force is out to capture and kill them.

Grant Morrison will make you feel things in this book. It is brutal and sad. Think Homeward Bound if the animals in question were cybernetically enhanced being hunted by the government. And one of them was questioning whether he was, in fact, a good dog. The knife-twisting is not simply a matter of seeing these animals on the run from the Air Force, but from their own demons.

The art of WE3 is clean and crisp. It swings between sterile and frantic, and Quitely’s layouts become broken and intentionally uneven whenever violence erupts. Grant’s desaturated colors help to build a sense of oppression, as though the world is closing in on the WE3 animals.

If you have ever cried at the “Jurassic Bark” episode of Futurama, you should read this book.

Collected in

  • WE3 (#1-3)


Writer: Grant Morrison | Penciller: Frank Quitely | Inker/Colorist: Jamie Grant | Letterer: Todd Klein

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