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American Vampire: The Beast in the Cave (Vertigo, 2010; #19-21)

American Vampire 4.jpeg
  • We take another interlude from Pearl’s story to flash back to Jim Book and Skinner Sweet as young men—and brothers.
  • We meet them first as kids, shortly after Book’s parents adopted the orphaned, troublemaker Sweet.
  • The bulk of the story, however, follows the two as soldiers fighting Native Americans for territory—and narrowly avoiding an early American Vampire.
  • Snyder spends this interlude playing up how chaotic Sweet was, even pre-vampirism—and how dark.
  • Jordi Bernet’s art is less angular and more organic than some of the previous runs, making it a perfect fit for the arc; and McCaig’s color work not only looks great, but it also guarantees a visual consistency with previous artists’ work.

Collected in

  • American Vampire, Vol. 4 (#19-27)


Writer: Scott Snyder | Artist: Jordi Bernet | Colorist: Dave McCaig | Letterer: Pat Brosseau | Covers: Rafael Albuquerque

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