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Sunstone: Volume Two (Image Comics / Top Cow Productions, 2012; OGN)

Sunstone 2.jpeg
  • As Ally and Lisa’s relationship continues, Sunstone dips into the more serious side of BDSM.
  • Trust, safety, experience, and planning take the focus as Lisa tries to figure out why Ally bristles at the idea of going to a club that many of her friends frequent.
  • The answer has to do with Ally feeling responsible for her friend Alan’s ex-girlfriend, who was new to the scene, getting in over her head.
  • Just in case you thought the sole purpose of Sunstone was to titillate, Sejic leaves no room for doubt that the comic is really a relationship book, grounded in trust and communication.
  • It should not come as a surprise that Sejic’s art is beautiful, with every face carrying a clear, intentional expression.

Collected in

  • Sunstone, Vol. 1 (OGN)
  • Sunstone, Book One (Vols. 1-3)


Writer / Artist: Stjepan Sejic | Editor: Betsy Gonia | Designer: Tricia Ramos

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