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Casanova: Avaritia (Image Comics, 2011; #1-4)

Casanova 3.jpg
  • Casanova is taking the fight to Xeno anywhere and everywhere—literally: in every reality Cass can find him, he's hunting and killing Xeno.
  • And if he can’t, well, then he can always just nuke that dimension.
  • But you can’t nuke LOVE!
  • Fraction’s third entry in his absurdist, sci-fi spy series leaps headfirst into deconstructionism and fourth-wall breaking
  • Bá and Peter’s art grounds Fraction’s narrative, leveraging layout and color to keep the book’s action as clear as possible.

This definitely isn’t the place to start with Casanova, but if you’ve been reading and enjoying it, then you should continue here.  This is its most esoteric arc, and I feel like I will need to read it again to really grok everything that’s going on—but that’s not a bad thing.

Collected in

  • Casanova, Vol. 3: Avaritia (#1-4)


Writer: Matt Fraction | Artists: Gabriel Bá | Colorist: Cris Peter | Letterer: Dustin Harbin

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