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The Authority: Earth Inferno (Wildstorm, 1999; #17-20)

Authority 3.jpg
  • Now that The Authority has established itself as a proactive peacekeeping force for Earth, a new danger arises that they can’t just punch: Earth itself.
  • Series of natural disasters keep erupting across the planet, and the Doctor is out of commission, leaving the rest of the team on damage control and trying to figure out why the Earth is in revolt.
  • Midnighter learns an important lesson about baby vomit and leather.
  • Mark Millar’s second Authority arc continues to trade in the sci-fi blockbuster scale, but the wrinkle of not being able to fight back against a specific enemy keeps the arc from feeling stale.
  • The art team is a little larger than normal here, but they turn in tight work that is fast-paced, active, and cinematic.

Collected in

  • The Authority, Vol. 3: Earth Inferno and Other Stories (#17-20, Annual 2000, material from Wildstorm Summer Special)
  • The Authority, Vol. 2 (#13-29)


Writer: Mark Millar | Artists: Chris Weston (17-18), Frank Quitely (19-20) | Inkers: Garry Leach (17-18), Trevor Scott (19-20) | Colorists: David Baron (17, 19-20), Baron & Fouts (18) | Letterer: Bill O’Neil

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