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Daredevil: Vol. 5 (Marvel Comics, 2011; #22-27)

Daredevil Waid 5.jpeg
  • Daredevil discovers that someone has secretly orchestrated most of his recent troubles.
  • To make things worse, someone is trying to recreate the accident that gave him his powers.
  • And on top of his problems as ol’ Hornhead, Foggy needs Matt at his side for support while he goes in for cancer testing and treatment.
  • This is defintiely the darkest moment in Waid’s run, and seeing Matt struggle to maintain his upbeat outlook when everything goes wrong makes it the strongest arc of the run so far.
  • Samnee and Rodriguez continue to blow me away with their art in this book.

There is no excuse for not reading this run on Daredevil.  Do it.

Collected in

  • Daredevil, Vol. 5 (#22-27)
  • Daredevil by Mark Waid, Vol. 3 (#22-36)


Writer: Mark Waid | Artist: Chris Samnee | Colorist: Javier Rodriguez | VC’s Joe Caramagna | Covers: Paolo Rivera (22), Chris Samne & Javier Rodriguez (23-27) | Assistant Editor: Ellie Pyle | Editor: Stephen Wacker

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