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Ms. Marvel: Super Famous (Marvel Comics, 2015; #1-6)

Ms Marvel 5.jpeg
  • As it turns out, there’s life after the end of the world*, and Kamala’s now includes a place on the Avengers’ roster on top of school, relationships, family, and friends.
  • Ms. Marvel might be up against gentrification and an army of her own doppelganger golems, but her real nemesis in this arc is work-life balance!
  • Also, while she was busy saving the world, her best friend (whom she kissed at the end of the world) met a new girl.
  • The further G. Willow Wilson gets into Ms. Marvel, the more charm, humor, and personality she packs into Kamala’s world
  • Miyazawa, Alphona, Leon, and Herring capture all of those qualities in their art, which is warm, fluid, and expressive.

* At least, there’s still a Marvel Universe after Secret Wars.

Collected in

  • Ms. Marvel, Vol. 5: Super Famous (#1-6)
  • Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3 (#1-12)


Writer: G. Willow Wilson | Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa (1-3), Adrian Alphona (1), Nico Leon (4-6) | Colorist: Ian Herring | Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna | Covers: Cliff Chiang (1-3), David Lopez (4-6) | Assistant Editor: Charles Beacham | Editor: Sana Amanat

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