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Shutter: Quo Vadis (Image Comics, 2014; #13-17)

Shutter 3.jpeg
  • Kate finds herself ensconced in labyrinthine Venice, a living metaphor for her own memory loss and struggles to reclaim her past.
  • What she does recall is that she is tired of the constant parade of family secrets ruining her life.
  • So when another one of those secrets shows up to suprise her and save her life, she goes all in to take the fight to anyone who messes with her.
  • And speaking of fights, Cassius and friends stage Chris’s rescue from a Kamandi-esque city of lion people.
  • Keatinge manages to make Shutter’s world at once feel progressively larger and more personal.
  • Del Duca and Gieni’s art remains stylish and cool, with a trippy sequence involving peyote and significant amounts of fourth wall-breaking standing out as the coolest of cool moments.

Shutter is a fun, over-the-top adventure comic with personal stakes, and it’s well worth checking out.

Collected in

  • Shutter, Vol. 3: Quo Vadis (#13-17)


Writer: Joe Keatinge | Artist: Leila Del Duca | Colorist: Owen Gieni | Letterer: John Workman

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