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Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery (Dark Horse, 2015; #0-3)

Resident Alien 3.jpeg
  • Harry continues to practice medicine in his small, isolated town—in fact, he’s spending so much time at the practice that he lets go of his remote cabin and moves in.
  • Instead of dealing with a dead body, this time around he’s solving a more mundane mystery: which of his town’s resident is secretly one of his favorite spy novelists?
  • What’s that? You want a dead body?  Fine…sleuthing out who’s the writer puts Harry onto a decades-old cold case that nobody even knew happened.  Happy now?
  • Also, the Feds are starting to close in on him after years of searching.

“The Sam Hain Mystery” is my favorite chapter in Harry’s story so far.  It’s a quick, pleasant read with clean, expressive art.

Collected in

  • Resident Alien, Vol. 3: The Sam Hain Mystery (#0-3)


Writer: Peter Hogan | Artist/Colorist/Letterer: Steve Parkhouse

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