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Red Hood and the Outlaws: Who Is Artemis? (DC Comics, 2016; #7-11)

Red Hood Outlaws 2.jpeg
  • After their business with Black Mask, DC’s Dark Trinity is ready to track down the Bow of Ra.
  • That means a trip into Qurac, home of Artemis and site of Jason Todd’s death.
  • While the two of them process their respective personal tragedies, Bizarro moves mountains to protect a group of refugees.
  • The relationships between these characters makes the book; that they haven’t known each other very long lets Lobdell build relationships naturally with meaningful reveals.
  • Also, the art team, while a little large, does stellar work; this book looks amazing.

I was on the fence about this book when it first started, but I have enjoyed its first two arcs after revisiting it in trade.

Collected in


  • Red Hood and the Outlaws, Vol. 2: Who Is Artemis? (#7-11)


Writer: Scott Lobdell | Artists: Dexter Soy, Mirko Colak, Tom Derenick, Kenneth Rocafort | Colorists: Veronica Gandini, Dan Brown | Letterer: Taylor Esposito

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