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Rock Candy Mountain: Volume One (Image Comics, 2017; #1-4)

Rock Candy Mountain.jpg

Only one man has the courage, the chutzpah, and the cajones to search for the Earth’s greatest hidden wonder.  He’ll take on G-men, cops, the devil, and even his fellow hobos to do it.  That’s right, this one man rides the rails in search of glory.  He is Jackson, and he might be crazy.

Kyle Starks does double-duty as writer and artist on Rock Candy Mountain. Character takes priority, with over-the-top personalities and a wacky sense of voice informing the book’s visual style and tone overall tone.  Don’t let the chunky, cartoony art and Schweizer’s generally warm colors fool you, though; this aimed at kids or dumbed down at all.  It just takes place in an oddball, absurd world.  And its greatest absurdity comes from Jackson’s plans working as often as they do—if he’s crazy, so is the world.  Even if he’s not...well, it probably still is.

Rock Candy Mountain is one of the most fun books that isn’t written to include a younger audience I’ve read in a while.  It is energetic and funny (with the occasional bit of pathos for contrast) and definitely worth checking out.

Collected in


  • Rock Candy Mountain, Vol. 1 (#1-4)


Writer/Artist: Kyle Starks | Colorist: Chris Schweizer | Designer: Dylan Todd

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