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Moon Knight: “The Bottom” (Marvel Comics, 2006; #1-6)

This may come as a surprise, but there are Moon Knight comics that I haven’t read. Although today brings me one step closer to correcting that.

The first trade of Charlie Huston’s 2006 run as Moon Knight writer begins with Marc Spector broken and alone. He does not lean into the character’s dissociative identity in the way that more recent runs have. Instead, “The Bottom” is a grounded, street-level story about a fallen hero who has lost faith in himself and the god he serves. Outside forces attempt to manipulate Marc into serving their purposes; but when his estranged friends become targets, he pulls himself together and fights back.

That fight includes Taskmaster. The Master of Tasks is back.

This is a dark, violent story—coming on the heels of the popular Marvel Knights line, that makes sense. Finch, Miki et. al., and D’Amata’s art is a fantastic match to Huston’s story. Finch’s style brings a gruesomeness to the table that gives Moon Knight a horror vibe. Cloaks and capes swirl and tangle as though they are alive. Blood seeps, lights blind, and shadows yield threats. And Bushman and Taskmaster are hideous up close.

Recommendation time: should you check out this arc of Moon Knight? If you’re looking for a more action-focused, plot-driven story, go for it. That’s especially true if you want an “I am Vengeance; I am the Night,” vibe. If you’re coming off of the current Lemire run, know that this is a pretty different beast. You’ll see familiar elements, characters, and relationships; but this is a more traditional, linear superhero story.

Collected in

  • Moon Knight, Vol. 1: The Bottom (#1-6)


Writer: Charlie Huston | Penciler: David Finch | Inkers: Danny Miki, CrimeLab Studios, Victor Olazaba, Allen Martinez | Colorist: Frank D’Amata | Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna | Assistant Editor: Cory Sedlmeier | Editor: Axel Alonso

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