Panelology is a weekly podcast about comics. We talk about current books, what we're looking forward to, and how to get into reading comics in the first place.

Panelology Presents: Clearing the Backlog

In which Alex, clearly a masochist, attempts to read a trade a day for 365 days.

While reading a mountain of horror comics for our Halloween Spooptacular, I had an idea:  what if, in 2017, I tried to read and write about a different comic book trade every day?  This is clearly a bad idea; I accept that—if for no other reason than because it only steels my resolve to actually do it.  Plus, it lets me clear out my substantial backlog of trades.  

There’s no way this can possibly go poorly.  

Here are the rules by which this will go poorly:

  • Each day, I will read a trade and write up some brief thoughts about it.
  • Mostly, I’ll stick to things I haven’t read before.  (Mostly.)

  • If something is collected in a big ol’ tome, I can (and probably will) dice it up into reasonably sized units.

So, welcome to Clearing the Backlog.  (What have I done?)


Runaways: "Pride and Joy" (Marvel Comics, 2003; #1-6)